Our Staff

Here at Kayak Chicago we like to think of ourselves as more than a group of people just doing a job for the summer. Most of us have been here more than 5 years, and we keep coming back for more. The work is physically demanding, the hours are long – and lots of sunblock is a necessity, but we never fail to have fun. On our off days you can find most of us paddling on the lake or river – or heading down south for some whitewater or north for some climbing & camping adventure. We can’t wait to share our love of the water with you!

Meet our Senior Staff

Sam Huff

Unofficial title: Chief Chill Officer or Maintenance Dude
@KayakChicago since 2010
Skills: ACA Sea kayak and Paddleboard Instructor
Favorite outdoor activity: Whitewater enthusiast, Narrator, Skateboarder

My favorite place in the world besides my hometown of Durham North Carolina would be Nicaragua, because I have spent a lot of time down there exploring, scrapping it out, making friends and learning from their unique connection to the outdoors.

My most beloved gear item is my Leatherman Skeletool. A most superior tool!

Quote: You know what’s funny about safety right?? Nothing!

Tom McClenahan

Unofficial title: Man-in-Charge at Montrose beach
@KayakChicago since 2008

Favorite place in the world? Any place I can dive, paddle, hike, camp, take pictures… If you want specific locations, Patagonia, British Columbia, Costa Rica, Nepal… the list goes on and on!

My most beloved gear item is my Werner Ikelos touring paddle

Brian Westrick

Unofficial title: Kayak Warrior
@KayakChicago since 2010

Trainings / general list of skills – ACA Level 1 Coastal Sea Kayak Instructor. ACA Level 2 Stand Up Paddleboarding Instructor. Lake Michigan ice cave spelunking.

Favorite place in the world (or thing you like to do) and why – I enjoy being anywhere in the world that is well removed from human civilization.

My most beloved gear item is my P&H Aries Sea Kayak

Quote: “The only source of knowledge is experience” -Albert Einstein